International Practice

Understanding Japanese practice is the key to success.

Business today is truly international. In a complex global environment, we provide cross-border and cross-disciplinary counsel pertaining to international trade agreements, establishing and doing business in Japan, localization of Master Service Agreements and the handling of data on a global scale. Because of Japan’s rather unique employment and legal system, we also often advise Japanese subsidiary clients on the labor, employment and human resources challenges and issues that arise from managing a multinational workforce today. Undoubtedly, deep and extensive understanding of Japanese business practices is the key to truly succeeding in Japan.

We also represent international corporations involved in actual and potential litigation in Japan involving diverse areas of Japanese law, including contracts and commercial disputes, intellectual property, antitrust and the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations. We are trial-tested, and a significant portion of our litigation work concerns contracts and commercial disputes, especially in manufacturing, system development, cloud-computing services, apparel and retail and consumer products. This wealth of experience means that we are well-positioned to provide genuine insight to companies that want to start and develop their businesses in Japan.

  • Localization of contracts
  • Corporate affairs, especially for Japanese subsidiaries, including negotiation of contracts, sending or responding to warning letters, labor law, investigation of fraudulent acts
  • Advice on the handling of personal data on a global scale
  • Drafting, reviewing and revising contracts written in English
  • International disputes