Detailed advice on momentous events for companies

M&A transactions between companies have become commonplace in recent years. However, each M&A transaction is a transaction that can have a significant impact on the fate of the parties involved and the interests of their shareholders, employees, and business partners. Our firm considers issues from a multifaceted perspective, harmonizes the interests of various stakeholders, and achieves the optimal deal that maximizes the benefit of the client.

The M&A process includes basic agreements, DD (due diligence), contract negotiations, contract signing, closing, and PMI (post-acquisition integration process). Our firm provides the best legal advice by delving deeply into the client’s management perspective while keeping an eye on PMI, which is the client’s major concern. In addition, depending on the scale of the project and other needs, we will work with experts such as lawyers, accountants, and tax advisors from other firms to handle the project.

  • Stock transfer (including tender offer and MBO), business transfer, company split, merger, stock exchange
  • Acquisition and sale of business companies by private equity funds
  • Acquisition of medical corporations
  • Financing (third-party allotment, etc.), capital and business alliances, etc.
  • Responding to review of business combination by domestic and foreign competition authorities under competition laws
  • Organizational restructuring within group companies (transformation into holding company structures, company split, making wholly-owned subsidiaries)
  • Financing by start-up companies, investment in start-up companies
  • Representation of Japanese companies in cross-border M&A transactions (inbound and outbound)