2021-3-8 publications

“What to Know about Trade Marks When Entering the Japanese Market” –Trade Marks 2021: Trends and Developments by Yasuhiro Sato

2021-3-5 publications

“Roundtable: Current Situation and Issues Surrounding Specialization and Internationalization of Bengoshi” joined by Wataru Sueyoshi (RULE OF LAW No.200)

2021-2-2 publications

“Some Case in Which the ‘use’ of a Trade Secret is Found” by Wataru Sueyoshi (TRADE SECRET PUBLIC-PRIVATE FORUM NEWSLETTER No. 55)

2021-2-1 publications

“A legal Issue Surrounding Employee’s Invention: Ratio of Excess Profit (2)” by Wataru Sueyoshi (NEW STREAM OF BUSINESS LAW, A FESTSCHRIFT FOR EIJI KATAYAMA, ESQ. ON HIS 70TH BIRTHDAY)

2020-12-8 publications

Annotation of the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air – Articles 27 & 29 – by Yasuhiro Sato

2020-12-8 publications

“Aiming to Consolidate the Copyrights Information” by Wataru Sueyoshi (COPYRIGHT No.716)

2020-11-25 publications

IAM Innovation & Invention Yearbook 2021: Building IP value in the 21st century – “Copyright infringement-music lesson or public performance?” by Yasuhiro Sato

2020-7-16 publications

100 Selected Legal Precedents on Trademark, Design Patent & Unfair Competition – “Maintaining its Secrecy (1) – ‘Recognizable Management’” by Wataru Sueyoshi

2020-6-24 publications

The Latest Intellectual Property Litigation Practices – “Open Science & Intellectual Property” by Wataru Sueyoshi